IDH: Open the Goals of Sustainable Markets

13 June 2017 , 06:13 WIB | Read : 179 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil industries have developed and given many advantages. But in the same time, they are in troubles too. It is admitted, these industries nationally have implemented sustainable cultivation.

In the same time, European countries might be difficult to get sustainable derivative palm oil products because ISPO might be assumed as the competitor of RSPO.

To get the sustainable palm oil market potency, and because of kinds of sustainable schemes, the initiative raises to implement certification jurisdiction. It does not discuss about separated certification but about larger perspective by involving one region or jurisdiction. It is hoped, this will be the solution to increase the plantation production but in the same time, the environment is well maintained.

Just like it is done in South Sumatera, particularly in District of MusiBanyuasin. If every problem is identified, the roadmap could be arranged so that every side has their own role – who and what to do.

“We noted, District of MusiBanyuasin is potential to produce 1,8 million of tons of sustainable palm oil. This is the chance for the markets in European Union where in every single year, Europe needs about 7 million tons of supply. We do hope, MusiBanyuasin could be the goal of sustainable palm oil trade,” Palm oil and Landscape Manager, DesiKusumadewi recently said.

If every stakeholder in the district level commits to produce sustainable plantation commodity, she continued, there will be wider markets. This is also the effort to improve the management. (T2)

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