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Having More Natural Resources, Central Kalimantan Should Develop Downstream Industries

10 September 2017 , 06:30 WIB | Read : 78 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKA RAYA– For these years, Central Kalimantan has become the province having natural resources that are interesting in the foreign investors. It is no questioned that many companies in palm oil and mining operates there. But the province has no right industries to the material, such as, the downstream industries that are being told to build.

It is not a secret that Central Kalimantan has kinds of natural resources, such as, mining, wood, plantation and other kinds of investment. But the province just distributes the material only though it could be process to be other potential.


The palm oil plantation result could be processed to be soap, snack, and handy crafts, for example.


To realize it, there should be downstream industries that function to process the material so that the people could advantage. The facts showed when the province have the industries, the region would develop fast.


Member of Commission B, Central Kalimantan Province, ErganTanjung thought, the downstream industries would increase  the regional income. “This is as same as what Governor told to increase the regional income,” he said, as quoted from tabengan.com.


To increase the regional income, the provincial governor should support it through its policy, such as, the big private companies should develop and build the downstream industries. The goal is to have regional contribution. He also said, the concept of the industries is out of their obligation. (T3)

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