22 January 2016 , 06:40 WIB | Read : 628 | By : Christophe Bahuet

some time ago, Indonesia tried to extinguish the fire and calculated how much loss is and what the effects are to the people. this should be stopped and should not happen again. multi-door approach is convinced to be one of solutions to make the natural resource criminals wary in the wetland and forestry regions.

The approach is meant to minimize the criminals escaping from the sentence because of limited regulation, to make them wary who fund the crime, to ensure the corporations’ responsibility, to return the country’s loss and to recover the environmentwhich are integrated in every single case.

Knowing what the government of Indonesia wants to get, we did valuation relating to the effectively multi-door approach. The valuation was used to identify the two major goals, they are, has the multi-door approach been done by every side or not, and the second, to measure and to know the effects of the approach.

The fire in the forest and wetland is one example of the natural resource and environment crime. It should be systematically investigated to ensure that the law is done well to protect and manage the forest and wetland better.

From 2012 – 2014, the Indonesian Police Department had handled 886 illegal logging, six cases in plantation licences, 176 mining cases without licence. Ministry of Environment and Forestry had handled 90 cases in 2013 – 2014. 20 of them were the fire in the forest and areas. The numbers should be a notice to strengthen the law enforcement.

Handling fire cases in the forest and areas will need four major elements, they are, the law improvement, the making of multi-door mechanism, the qualified human resources, and the institution of multi-door approach.

Law enforcement to natural resource and environment crime should not be only to the field executors but also to the leaders in the company, businessmen, or the individual who ordered to do the illegal action.

Before 2013, it was so seldom that the owner, the leaders of the company should be responsible to the crime in the wetland and forest regions. They were not put in jail or even in trial.

It should be appreciated that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Attorney, and Indonesian Police Department are serious to investigate the actor of the fire cases. They could be sued by Regulation of Environment Protection, and other regulations if they also did other crimes, such as, taxsmuggling and others.

This is not easy to do. The law enforcement should know the process of evidence in one crime. So it needs extra efforts, such as, to prove that the criminal did the fire in the forest, it needs forensic test that the fire derived from certain areas.

But the investigation will . . .


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