18 October 2017 , 06:06 WIB | Read : 89 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

three coaches from Chelsea FC Foundation gave coaching clinic in district of Musi banyuasin, South Sumatera. it was realized in cooperation with Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., to support young generations around palm oil planatation.

Hundreds of children screamed out loud in the good day at the time. From their innocent face, both boys and girlswere happy. They did not care about the sunshine on their skins.

They were in hurry, running from the top podium to the football field. Nothing to be afraid of, everything was done only to touch and meet the Chelsea FC Foundation coaches.

Football could bewitch the young generations. Not only dominated by the adult men, the children are now the fans of national and international football players.

Luckily, in Stadium of Serasan Sekate, in District of Musi Banyuasin, three coaches from Chelsea FC Foundation had a chance to give coaching clinic for 50 chosen children.

Chelsea FC Foundation coach, Keith Hermes, said, the foodball festival in Musi Banyuasin was in cooperation with Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., one palm oil plantation compnay operating around the district.

The cooperation, he said, has been running for 11 years and keeps giving coaching clinic in some countries, such as, Russia, Africa, Ghana, and Bulgaria.

Indonesia was the start in the Chelsea FC Foundation tours to give clinic coaching in Asia. “We really support the activity in its relationship with the people and it is a pride for us. The cooperation with Chelsea FC about young generation development is not to look for the football palyers but tend to support their potential . . .

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