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Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB)’s Price in Riau were Decreasing

17 October 2014 , 06:22 WIB | Read : 3972 | By : Ridwan Saidi

PEKANBARU – After the increasing of the price at a couple weeks ago, the price of FFB in Riau Province for 15th-21st October 2014 were decreasing as Rp.6/kg.  For FFB that produce from the upper than 10 years old palm oil trees, the price was Rp1.700,08/kg and decreasing as Rp1.694,69/kg.

Meanwhile, according to the result of The Determination of FFB’s Price Meeting by Plantation Service Agency of Riau Province, for the price of FFB that produce from 9 years old palm oil trees pricing by Rp 1.648,30/kg, for 8 years old were Rp 1.597,52/kg, for 7 years old were Rp 1.549,27/kg, and for 6 years old were Rp 1.492,04/kg this week.

Then, for the FFB from 5 years old palm oil trees were pricing by Rp 1.440,25/kg, for 4 years old were Rp 1.354,92/kg, and for the 3 years old palm oil trees the FFB were pricing by Rp 1.212,51/kg decreasing from last week as Rp 1.216,25/kg.

For Crude Palm Oil (CPO), the price were Rp 7.851,87/kg and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) were Rp 4.212,54/kg. (T3)

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