23 May 2014 , 16:22 WIB | Read : 762 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

Indonesian Palm Oil Assosiation (IPOA) was sorry for the fire happening in many regions in this country. According to some informations from the satelite, most of the forest fire happened in primer forests so the fire men were difficult to extinguish it. Chief of Law and Advocation, IPOA, Tungkot Sipayung felt sorry for the massive forestfire happening in the beginning of this year and also before it.

Since the moratorium existed in 2011, there was no palm oil plantation company got its new licence to enlarge palm oil. “Since moratorium 2011 until now, there is no palm oil company getting its new licence to enlarge palm oil,” he emphasized InfoSAWIT. He also explained, the forest fire also made fraction of fire which also burnt some companies’ palm oil plantation areas.

The palm oil plantation companies became the victims. “It is impossible for the plantation companies purposefully burn their own plantation for they will have big losses,” he said. The palm oil companies always refer to the Rights Licence (RL) which they have, to do plantation.

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