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FFB Price in Aceh is Cheap Still

15 July 2017 , 06:49 WIB | Read : 86 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, LHOKSUKON –The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price in District of North Aceh is cheap. In the recent days, it is about Rp1000 per kilogram in the agent."In the last few days, it gets cheaper to be Rp 1.000 per kilogram,” Chairman of Palm Oil Smallholders Asssociation, Sub district of Tanah Jambo Aye-Langkahan, Sayuti Achmad said.

He also mentioned,, he does not know why it gets cheaper. But it was Rp 1.300 per kilogram in the agent level.

“It was about Rp 1.300. I do not know why it gets cheaper. It could happen for the abundant stock in the factories,” he said, as quoted from GoAceh. (T3)

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