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it is usual that if the people want to propose a cooperation witht The palm oil company, they are usually asked to make an institution, such as, cooperation in the first place, beside the other requiirements. the question is, what is the cooperation actually?

just like what has done, the people in making partnership with palm oil company (ies), it should make an institution, such as, cooperation, within at least consists of 20 men. Of course, this is done for some reasons.

Just like a palm oil farmers from Village of Dawas, Subdistrict of Keluang, Musi Banyuasin, Rianto told. After enlarging palm oil plantation in 2005, he and the other farmers agreed to be a group and made a cooperation.

In fact, it is proven to be benefit when they were asked to make partnership with palm oil company in the region. It runs well until now. Rianto, of course, found some problems when making the cooperation with independent farmers. But if Rianto did not make the cooperation, what would happen?

How far is the cooperation playing its role to realize the partnership among the farmers and the palm oil company (ies)?

Vice Director of PT Sasaran Ehsan Mekarsari, Arie Malangyudo shared his experiences in his blog. He said, cooperation is a business institution which is regulated in the Regulation No. 25 / 1992 about Cooperation. It is formed by some men, at least 20 men. This kind of cooperation, Arie noted, is Primer Cooperation.

In fact, the cooperation could be formed by joining some cooperations, with the minimum numbers are three cooperations. It is called secunder cooperation which is made by the Document of Incorporation which consists of Article of Association in Statute after the government officially announce it.

In the cooperation, the Members Meeting could give the coordinators authority to the coordinators. The cooperation is the economical, social democracy belonging to every member, the coordinators or the managers.

Cooperation usually has some groups of men, the divident is divided accoding to the limited service comparison. Its goal is to enlighten the economical burdens of the members, improve the welfare of the members in specific and the society in general.

The numbers of the state modal is not a must, it can change according to the safe of the members. Cooperation does not focus to the income of the modal/business but the members themselves by prioritizing the principle of togetherness. In the members meeting, every single member has one vote without paying attention to their modals.

The membership is free. Every one can be in or out as the member, according to the agreement with the coordinator so that the cooperation does not know the permanent modal. Just like what happens in the company, cooperation is a legal entity.

In general, running the cooperation is done by the coordinators for it is not a group of men having goal to get the profits in large numbers. So every member is oblidged to work together to reach the goal, that is, the welfare of every member.

Both benefits or loss, the member should togetherly burden it. If the cooperation gets loss, the members have the same loss too. The member who is not capable, he is free from the loss. The loss is burdened by them who are capable.

It is normal if something happens in a cooperation in District of Pelalawan, Riau Province, such as, a loss, and the cooperation is sued to be closed, it happened for the cooperation is mismanaged.

In order not to be like that, in making some activities, the cooperation could make relationship with other legal institution, for example, private company (ies) or state company (ies). The structures of the cooperation consist of Members Meeting, Coordinators and Inspectors.

Members Meeting

In a cooperation, it is known a members meeting which the highest authority is in the management of the coopetation. But if it is needed, Advisory Board could be made.

The members meeting is done to make the Articles of Association, determine the general policy in the organization, management, business and run the decision of the cooperation.

It is also done to vote, take, stop the coordinators and inspectors. In the members meeting, it is also done to make the plans of work, budget income buying, announce trade balance,calculate the profits and the losses and the policy which the coordinator will run. It is also done to officially legalize the responsibility reports of the coordinators, the inspectors in running their duties.

In members meeting, it is also done to share the rests of business fund, joining, share or dismiss the cooperation. It is usually done once a month.

Coordinators of Cooperation

After making members meeting,  . . .

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