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16 April 2014 , 15:14 WIB | Read : 1160 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

Replanting is an obligation for the palm oil businessmen, including the farmers. The reason is to get higher production again especially in the plantation for being planted since 1980s. Replanting palm oil should immediately done for the ages of them are more than 25 years. Though there is no certain study saying that palm oil trees which are more than 25 yeats old should be in replanting, but many of more than 30 years old trees are not in replanting process yet. The farmers having the trees say that the trees are in good production and the price are in stable.

But fot the palm oil trees tend to be more than 10 meter in height, these will be difficult to harvest the fresh fruit and there will be less maximal results. So they need to be in replanting process. The people having limited costs will postpone to do replanting. It is rumored that replanting process costs about Rp 47.735.000,-. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the replanting process will spend about Rp 74 millions. It is clear that the independent farmers will not have such amount of money and the replanting process is just a dream only.

Beside that, when being in replanting process, the farmers will lost their income for the palm oil trees are not productive yet for about 2,5 years. It is normal that Indonesian Palm Oil Farmer Association once urged the govenment to spend money for the replanting process belonging to the farmers from the Out Fee. Then, do the replanting processes keep running? Yes, they keep running. The book “Seri Kelapa Sawit Populer” published by Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) Medan noted that the replanting within underplanting technics could be one solution. Doing this technics, the farmers will still get the income form the old trees or the tress which are not broken yet and in the same time, the old trees could be changed by planting the young trees so that the young trees could be high again. It is a simple technic. It has been practiced in some periods – for example Long and his friends reported that the total results among the young plants and the old plants which are broken for 5 years replanting are higher if they are compared to the results by the conventional replanting.

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