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FARMERS INFO - Boost Productivity Sustainably

26 August 2016 , 06:37 WIB | Read : 590 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

Funding Innovation for the replanting, to increase production without new planting

the funding innovation scheme for the replanting program becomes one solution to increase the independent farmers’ palm oil plantations. the strategic partnership is believed to increase their welfre and to implement the sustainable practices.

PT Buana Wiralestari Mas (the plantation areas of Sinarmas in Riau Province),has been running the strategic cooperation with the independent farmers through the funding innovation scheme for the replanting program in Districts of Kampar, Siak, and Indragiri Hulu, Riau Province

There have been 900 hectares of the independent farmers joining the Funding Innovation for Replanting Program. It’s been starting since the end of 2014. Until now, the replanting still continues.

Actually, the Funding Innovation for Replanting Program was proposed and agreed by some sides joining in Partnership on Indonesia Sustainable Agro (PIS Agro) which targets that in 2020, there will be 20% of increasing productivity in commodity sector, 20% of increasing welfare, and decreasing 20% of the carbon emission.

This gives the chance to the independent farmers who do not have lots of money to do replanting program. So they could replant their plantation.

The Funding Innovation for Replanting Program also gives easiness. Referring to PT SMART Tbk., the scheme will give compensation Rp 500 thousand per hectare in the next 48 months or when the plantations are not productive yet.

To get the high productivity, and the similar result, the scheme will implement the Good Agricultural Practices and the sustainable principles. So the plantation management will be done in One Stop Management by the Partnership Company.

The One Stop Management  . . .


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