30 December 2014 , 06:16 WIB | Read : 1133 | By : Asep Ade Herawan

Integrated Palm Oil – Cow

The increasing economy and people’s income make the increasing national demand and the meat consumption. palm oil is thought to be one solution to achieve the national meat self supporting because of its deficits.

Beef or cow is producing meat which is expensive to sell. Cow could fulfill many kinds of human’s need, especially the food, meat, fertilizers, skin, bones, and others.

Meat has its big role to fulfill animal nutrition. Cow is one kind of animal eating grass. So it collects low nutrient which is changed to be high nutrient and the mankind eats it in the form of meat.

Indonesia which is about more than 250 millions is still lack of meat. So in 2011, this country should do import about 500 thousands of cow.

The large numbers of cow import happened for the cow livestocks in Indonesia are still dominated by the simple system of breeding. The people have limited modal to the food which one crucial things to make the livestock successful.

Now, there are lots of kinds of seeds used to the animal food. This effects the competition between the human food and the animals’. To produce more animals, there should be other alternative potential food which is cheap and easy to get.

One way to prepare the animal foos is by advantaging the area as optimal as it could. Beside that, advantaging the waste and the side product of plantation and agriculture commodities, both in the integration and diversification, should be done too. These will give additional values for the farmers, breeders and the plantations themselves.

Palm oil plantations are potential to develop ruminants livestock, especially the cow. Palm oil plantations develop in South Asia, including in Indonesia. There were 8,1 millions of hectares palm oil plantations in 2011.

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