27 February 2015 , 06:01 WIB | Read : 1207 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

not only in indonesia, intercropping technique is also done by the farmers in philippine and  india. they get more income.

It is easy to plant palm oil for it is durable to the flood and drought. The period of harvest could be years and could be 25 years of age. These are the reasons why farmers in Philippine and India plant palm oil.

A researcher from Palm Oil Development Council, Inc, Pablito P. Pamplona said, there are lots of farmers consultating about how to plant palm oil in a 3 to 5 hectare area. The limited area, Pablito suggested, could be planted by some palm oil and the rest could be planted by other vegetables.

But if palm oil is planted in the limited area, it is possible to do but it takes 28 months to have harvest. When the trees have no result still, Pablito suggested, intercropping is should be done. The other kinds of vegetable could be planted around the plantation, such as, paddy, corn, vegetable, beans. But if it possible, pinapple and banana could be planted too.

This is done for palm oil is different from the coconut tree and other fruit plants which become the sources of pest and disease for the intercrop. The other plants which are easy to get disease are corn, paddy and other yearly plants.

Pablito continued, the interesting thing to plant palm oil is that the plant producing crude palm oil uses small number of pesticide.

It is different from other commodities, for example, manggo plantation needs six to seven pesticide spraying before having fruit.

It happens too in durian plantation which needs 10 to 12 pesticide spraying from the flowering to fruit period to prevent the pests. Banana Cavendish does too – it needs fungicide and insecticide for about 22 times of spraying in a year.

Using fertilizer, palm oil tree is safer than corn hybride and commercial bananas. Palm oil needs 18 packs of fertilizer per year. Pablito explained, it could be given by organic fertilizer which means, it needs 10 packs of fertilizer in a year.

It is beyond the usage of fertilizer in corn hybride which needs 12 packs per plant or 24 packs in a year but the production just reaches 10 tons per hectare. Using fertilizer in banana Cavendish plantation takes 32 to 35 packs per hectare per year to have maximal production.

Pablito, who is also a consultant in Philippine said, when palm oil is in production time, has canopi but under the palm oil tree weeds grow well, this area could be the alternative cultivation to breed small rumination animal so the fertile weeds could be eaten by the animal under palm oil tree.

This is done by the farmers in South Thailand. Having harvest period every . . .


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