27 August 2014 , 12:09 WIB | Read : 1831 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

Cutting off the palm oil leaves is good to do. This will urge to make high productivities. Keeping large numbers of palm oil leaves will be positive to the fruits produced.

There are several ways to cut off the palm oil leaves, for example, cutting the dry leaves and also cutting the rot fruit in the age of 16 – 20 months old.

Then cutting the leaves from double stalks so that the harvest process will be easier to the plants in 20 -28 months old.

The next cutting the overlapping leaves regularly so the leave in the tree could be maintain about 28 until 54 leaves.

Beside cutting the leaves, to make good harvest, the tree can also be treated in the flower castration. It is done so that the tree can produce bunches having economical price when being harvested.

In practice, castration is done by cutting off the male and female flower and also anthesis. According to Vice Director PT Sasaran Ehsan Mekarsari, Arie Malangyudo, by making castration, the doers will get benefits, such as, uneconomical fruit will not be produced in the vegetative growth.

Beside that, the tree could grow in similar form and could produce similar fruit. The other benefit is that the tree could decrease the weeds and disease symptom.

In general, according to Arie, the first fruits are small and hard and because of the economical reason, they cannot be harvested. “Beside that, the first fruit are always infected by caterpillar tirat haba and Marasmius,” Arie said in his blog.

But castration should be well done in the 14 months after the sprouts were planted and it should be done regularly within the 6 weeks in interval.

The Way to do Castration

Before doing castration, the farmers should prepare the cutting tools, such as, dodos (kind of knife with long handhold) with the sharp part in 4cm in width and the form should be like nails of goat. The first castration should be done by the tool for the flower and the leaves are small.

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