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24 June 2014 , 17:44 WIB
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03 June 2017 , 06:14 WIB | Read : 262 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

the making of palm oil plantation fund management agency (PFMA) might be able to  stabilize the palm oil price, and increase the biodiesel industries. on the other hand, its presence might not be known to develop the other palm oil plantation nationally

The spirit of Palm oil PFMA is hoped to solve the decreasing crude palm oil (CPO) price. Before 2015, the idea was emerged in the Crude Palm Oil Supporting Fund (CSF) scheme. It is the citation for the exported CPO which is categorized as the Non Tax Budget (Read InfoSAWIT June 2015: CSF, Who Gets the Benefits).

It was to solve the minimum Budget which could not support biodiesel subsidy for it is in renewable energy category so that biodiesel could compete with fossil. But biodiesel still needs subsidy as the way to solve the price gap.

The CSF is hoped to support biodiesel subsidy to make new CPO demand in the domestic markets. It run well. It is predicted, the world had minor supply which in the end, it influenced the CPO price.

To make it run well, the government published Government Regulation No. 24 / 2015 about the Plantation Fund Collection of Palm oil PFMA. In the description of Tunas Agung Jiwa Brata, representing Director of Investment Management System, General Directorate of Treasury, Ministry of Treasury, the other reason to choose CSF scheme is to be the solution of every problem in palm oil industries. What the government has regulated does not break the available regulation, such as, the Laws No. 39 / 2014 about Plantation.

As Public Service Agency (PSA) and based on the available regulation, PFMA officially takes the CSF from the CPO exporters. Then PFMA distributes the fund to palm oil industries nationally, for example, to fund biodiesel intensively, to develop the human resources, to do research and development, to do replanting program for the people, to maintain and procure the infrastructures for the smallholders, and to promote palm oil. “The financial management is more flexible by the PSA model. If it is surplus, it could be used for the next budget,” Agung said in the Media Workshop which PFMA held in Pangkal Pinang, recently.

Agung continued, there is a Board of Supervisor in  . . . .

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