26 August 2016 , 06:40 WIB | Read : 440 | By : Kris Hadisoebroto

the plasma and independent farmers areas have been more than 40% of the total palm oil areas in Indonesia. this takes them as the important ones to keep the palm oil plantation sustainability in this country

Of course, if its goal is to keep the sustainability, the forests, and the environment good, the palm oil farmers should be involved and have the big roles in every policy relating to the environment, wetland, protected forests conservation, flora and fauna issues.

In every fire in the forest or wetland, there will be assumption saying it intentionally happened, to enlarge the areas, or preparing the replanting program in palm oil, and in the old aged plantation.

It is normal that the fire in the forest and areas in last year always had something to do with the plantation enlargement, areal enlargement, and the replanting.

Why did it happen? It is thought, enlarging the areas will increase the income for the fruit price is determined by the palm oil factory owners and the traders. The farmers might not get the “good price”. If they replant their areas by cutting the trees or other ways, they will lose their income for the next 5 to 6 years.

The independent farmers mostly have no back up fund to do replanting program, namely when their plantations are not productive. There are many factors to get successful replanting program for them. Unfortunately, they are not ready to do the program. As the result, the fire will be potential to happen, namely to enlarge the areas, both for themselves and the third sides.

The government should  . . .


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