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23 May 2014 , 16:38 WIB | Read : 836 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

Forest fire can happen annually and it troubles mankind. It does not bother the neighbourhood countries but also tenths thousands people of Indonesia. The people get Acute Respiratory Infection. For it becomes a regular ritual, the fire becomes one source of commotion among Indonesia and neighbourhood countries. Some time ago, national medias reported, the leaders of the country commented the fire by giving many accusations and reasons.

The accusation “omission” as if it was aimed to Government of Indonesia for the smoke keeps happening in every single year. Beside that, the wind was also the factor which blewthe smoke to the neighbourhood countries, such as, Malaysia and Singapore. Though the commosion keeps happening, there is still “personal” doing the forest fire every year. For this situation, President SBY through his secretaries made warrant to extinguish the forest fire in the beginning of this year. SBY assertively instructed the law officers to put the suspects – who intensionally burnt the fire – to the court.

Though the instructions had been made, the fire kept running and become the yearly desease. According to Secretary of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, the suspect of forest fire has been in the police departement to be processed for he did something against the law, destroy the forest, and make problems for mankind. “This is done to have a wary effect and there should be punishment severely,” Zulkifli emphasized to InfoSAWIT. Many sides accused, the forest fire has economical motive because the people need area to do plantation. The facts show, some people in the abandoned area usually move from one region to another. Beside that, enlarging the forest to be plantation is done by burning it.

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