21 July 2014 , 12:26 WIB | Read : 1046 | By : Rufinusta Sinuraya, I Pande Komang Adnyana

Palm oil (Elaeis guineensis Jacq) is monoculture plant. The stalk grows straight, and generally it has no branch and cambium. Palm oil could be divided into vegetative and generative parts,

Vegetative parts consist of roots, stalk, and leaves. The generative parts which function to grow are flowers and fruits.

Palm oil is a long term plant for about 25 0 30 years old. So it needs right cultivation technics so that the productivities could be optimal and give profits to palm oil businessmen. To get the maximal profit, the cultivation should be right. One problem in the field is that the broken tree. It could happen for the shallow implantation, less monitor and less consolidation of the plants when being productive.

The breeding of palm oil has been running on as the progress of palm oil plantation and the breeding science of the plant. The goal of the breeding is to get big profits by increasing the productivity, high yield, the higher tree, disease immunity, the response to the fertilizer, heavy fruit, the better composition among the fruit and oil, the stalk of the fruit being shorter so it is easier to be harvested, the simplicity to adapt with the environment. By breeding, it is hoped, the increasing production or the other characteristics could be known and got.

The Direct Cause of the Broken Tree

There are some factors influencing the broken trees. For example, the condition and structure of the area – the porous area could influence the stranglehold of the roots in the soil. The soil condition in this study was porous so the stranglehold of the roots did not run well.

In the rainy day, porous area/soil will be faster to be run off. So the structure of the area also influences the broken trees. In addition in the sloping area, if the area do not have conservation, such as, terrace conture, it will be risky to break the tree. It will be more risky if the implantation was too shallow.

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