Crude Palm Oil Export from Indonesia in Januariy Increased 2%

20 March 2017 , 06:42 WIB | Read : 275 | By : Administrator

INFO SAWIT, JAKARTA  -The crude palm oil (CPO) and derivative, PKO and the derivative, Oleochemical and Biodiesel in January 2017 increased 2% to the exports in December 2016 or from 2,78 milliontonsto be 2,84 milliontons.

In the reverse, palm oil production significantly decreased 9%, or from 3,15 milliontonsin December 2016 to be 2,86 milliontonsin January 2017. “The decreasing production mostly happened in every region in this country. The increasing exports and the decreasing production did not influence the CPO stock in Indonesia, “ Executive Director of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) Fadhil Hasan recently said in the release whichInfoSAWIT got.

IPOA also mentioned, the CPO stock in Indonesia in December 2016 might be 1.07 milliontonsand the palm oil production might be about 34,5 milliontons (31,5 milliontons CPO dan 3 milliontons CPOK).

IPOA, in this opportunity, also revised the stock and production of palm oil based on the data and survey which other side had done for the last two months which in cooperation with related associations, such as, ‘GIMNI, APROBI, AIMMI, APOLIN, and BPDPKS’..

The data showed, CPO stock by the end of 2016 reached 3,75 milliontons. CPO reached 35,57 milliontons (32,52 milliontonsof CPO and 3,05 million tons of CPKO). The physical stocks are lots in numbers though the production was not good because of “carry forward” stock by the end of 2015 which were abundant. But in January 2017, CPO stock in Indonesia reached 2,86 milliontons. (T2)


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