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CPO Exports from North Sumatera to China Increased 53%

08 January 2018 , 06:33 WIB | Read : 34 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN –According to Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS), North Sumatera Province, the fat and vegetable oil exports, including, crude palm oil from the province until November 2017 to China increased 53,74% to be US$ 384,930 million.

Chief of CBS, North Sumatera Province, Syech Suhaimi said, in the same period in 2016, the fat and vegetable oil exports from the province to China just reached US$ 250,378 million. “The increasing exports were relatively bigger compared to the exports to other countries,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Antara, Thursday, (4/1/2018).

If the exports to China increased, it did not happen in India. He continued, the exports to India decreased 36,15% or to be US$ 287,559 million. Though decreasing, he mentioned, the total export of fat and vegetable oil from the province until November 2017 increased 13,62% to be US$ 3,404 billion.

Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association North Sumatera, Setia Darma Sebayang confessed, the fat and vegetable oil exports, particularly in the form of CPO in 2017 increased. Besides the volume, the export price also increased. He also said, the demands from China increased as the better global economy.(T2)

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