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21 March 2017 , 06:24 WIB | Read : 374 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

developing the people’s economy in palm oil plantation focuses not only planting the trees, but also the business diversification is done to help and get the better lives

Haji Sumario Kapsidin (62) smiled when InfoSAWIT visited his home sweet home. There were many kinds of snack. This was a self openness to have editorial team of InfoSAWIT which wanted to know his cow livestock.

The man who is famously called as Mario told his story when he raised cow in the first place. He told that he was supported by palm oil plantation company which offered to develop people’s economy through breeding cows for the society. The farmer group was made to join the program and they were offered to breed cows.

The mother of the cow was given by the company and the farmers should breed it. The breeding process and the woof were from surrounding of the plantation, such as, the grass, midrib, and oilcake.

Having 8 cows as the mothers given by the company, they breed the cows and there are 83 cows now. He gets the success from his persistence and everlasting hard work to breed and nurse the cows.

Mario thought, his success could fulfill his family daily needs, 30 percent of the economy become the new source of economy when palm oil fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is not too expensive.

If the cows become the mother and ready to cross over, and there will be baby cow, the selling of the baby cow could give big profits. It always happens heading to Idul Adha day.

“Fortunately, I like plantation and livestock so I am happy to breed the cows,” he said.

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