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Commission B Would Call in the Related Instance to the Bad Palm Oil Seed Procurement

08 November 2017 , 06:33 WIB | Read : 49 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, KUANSING –Member of Comission B of Kuansing Legislators, Rozi. would call in the related instance to know about the bad palm oil seed procurement. “Yes we plan to call in the related instance about the bad palm oil seed procurement. This was reported by the villagers,” he said.

He also told that the people should not get the seeds in the first place.

As quoted from Riaukatual.com, he continued, if the seeds are not the same with the criteria, the region, as a matter of fact, gets the loss because it spends much money to procure the seeds, reaching Rp 6,9 billion, and PT. Inti Bina Inisiatama won the auction.

From the information he knew, the seed procurement was not directly done by the company, but given to the partner of the company. (T3)

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