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Chaos in FFB Transportation in PTPN V Should End

16 July 2017 , 06:51 WIB | Read : 88 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, RIAUSecretary of Enterprise or ‘Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN)’, Rini Soemarno should deal to end the chaos in the uploading and downloading fresh fruit bunch in the factories belonging to PTPN V in District of Kampar, Riau Province.

It happened for the red plate company broke its promise to fulfill the labor protest about the salary of FFB uploading which is not the same as the Regional Regulation of Kampar. The leader of ‘Serikat Pekerja Transport Indonesia (SPTI)’ Kampar, Suryono recently said that after protesting in the palm oil factory(POF)Kebun Tandun, Kampar, as quoted fromHantaher.

“We do hope, the Secretary should meet us to know that the Directors lied to us. SPTI would wait for a week to realize the cooperation as it is promised,” he said.

The directors of PTPN V who became the witnesses in the agreement of uploading process in POF Kebun Tandun, are Director of Commerce,Muhammad Arwin Nasution;Director of PAM, Hasrul; andGeneral Manager (GM), Sugeng Suprayitno.

Besides the transporting cooperation, the directors also promised to raise the salary of uploading process as the memorandum of understanding (or the same agreement). But Suryono said, the numbers of the salary would be discussed in the next meeting. (T3)

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