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In last two years, government of Indonesia suddenly decided to develop downstream industries. The reason is to make and to get higher price of crude palm oil (CPO) which still dominates the national fat and oil exports. Unfortunately, by the end of 2013, the progress was slow. There were not more than 100 products. What Indonesia has produced is not more than what Malaysia has produced since 1980s. It is normal that Indonesia keeps trying to develop more. Then, what kind of downstream products will be produced? A book “Mengenal Produk Pangan dari Minyak Sawit” will give description about downstream products palm oilbase. The book, written by Noni Soraya, will explore the process of palm oil, from the fraction, cooking oil, margarine, shortening, vanaspati until the cocoa butter equivalent process. Straight explanations and easy to understand and fulfilled of table on what kinds of fat in each process make this book more interesting to read, especially for them who want to know more about the palm oil derivative product process.  Atep

Title : Mengenal Produk Pangan
dari Minyak Sawit
Author : Noni Soraya, ST., M.Si.
Publishes by : PT Penerbit IPB Press
Year : 2013
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