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Conservation Program BGA Group Realized

After making many kinds of conservations, such as, breeding orang utan and planting woods in the conservation area in the early of 2014, BGA group re-planting woods in the red land and kuntilanak village in ketapang. the activity was full of local culture and participation of loving surroundings for the children.

As the committment and responsibility of the company to the neighborhood, BGA Group re-planting woods in the conservation area of PT. Ladang Sawit Mas (LSM) and PT. Lestari Gemilang Intisawit (LGI) since the early 2014 by planting wood trees.

Head of Corporate Affair, BGA Group, Kamsen Saragih, the planting of the trees is over the first target which was 10 thousands of trees. “There are 18.211 wood trees from many kinds of trees PT. LSM has planted, they are, Sengon Sungkai Mahoni, Trembesi, Dadap, and other kinds. It is beyond our target,” Kamsen recently said in Nanga Tayap.

PT. LGI did the same thing which planting trees since June 2014. There are 4.236 trees. “We also nurse the trees for they are important to conserve the environment,” Kemsen said.

Planting trees is one continous work which General Manager BGA Group, Lim Sian Choo said that it will keep going in phase in every subindustry.

Planting Productive Fruit Trees to Greening.

They are different kinds of trees which are planted for the focus of the activity is more to plant fruit trees for reforestation. “PT LMS targets to plant 20.020 fruit trees and PT LGI does 10.500 trees,” Regional Head PT LSM and PT LGI, Endrik Dermawan said when giving his speech.

Endrik thought, planting productive trees could prevent illegal logging and we hope, it could give benefits to the people around. “By planting fruit trees, we hope the people get the benefits from the fruits and keep the trees well.” Endrik mentioned.

Referring to the information of the company, the fruit trees which are planted are manggo, rambutan, matoa, durian, petai and others. In PT LGI there are 200 trees which consist of 100 durian and 100 petai trees. They are all planted in the conservation area in Kuntilanak Hill about 8 hectares and in PT LSM, there are 3.550 fruit trees in the sides of river about 55 hectares.

Developing the greening programme, BGA Group has also . . .

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