31 March 2016 , 06:01 WIB | Read : 666 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

as one palm oil producer in Indonesia, south sumatera province commits to be the sustainable palm oil barn. the province chooses the jurisdiction certification. it is hoped, palm oil development could be similar to the environment protection

The south Sumatera Jurisdiction certification process

Though it is not the first, the provincial government of South Sumatera is ready to run the jurisdiction certification, which is, a concept of palm oil certification scheme in the jurisdiction scale.

To run the scheme, South Sumatera is supported by many sides, such as, Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), the private companies, the associations, such as, Indonesian Palm Oil Businessmen Association (IPOBA) South Sumatera, and the other organizations, such as, IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative; an institution focusing to the sustainable trade initiative which combines the public and private interests, and the knowledge.

For the beginning, Governor of South Sumatera, Alex Noerdin said, his side will map palm oil plantation which is not too good for it is planted by unclear seeds (ilegitim) namely the farmers’ areas where are in the forestry regions.

The mapping process will involve the Central Government for it relates to the legality of the areas, and the forest regions. If everything has been in the data, Alex continued, his side will do further steps, such as, guiding and developing the sustainable practices, and replant the farmers’ areas. “We will use the fund from PFMA,” Alex recently said.

Alex also admitted, it is not easy to run the jurisdiction certification scheme, namely to change the people’s perspective in conventional cultivation to be sustainable one.

It is not easy to convince,  . . .


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