25 April 2014 , 14:31 WIB | Read : 808 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

The fast progress of national palm oil industries has positively implicated to the foreign exchange and increased the regional economy. It is proven that in palm oil plantation regions whole over this country, there are high progresses of economy and the plantations themselves.

But the good economic progresses are like gone with the wind when the negative effects come and say, palm oil plantation industries damage the environment. Palm oil industries are accused to be the factors of the tropical forest damages.

Negative campaigns which harmed the images of national palm oil industries actually appeared in 2007s at first when crude palm oil (CPO) price started to be better and Indonesia was just the one main exporter of CPO in the world – after surpassing Malaysia in 2006.

The accusations were shouted by many non government organizations, both local and international. The negative accusations which cornered the industries had not proved yet in the field.

For example, IDH, an organization focusing to the implementation of sustainable practices and getting its fund of Netherland, accused, about 57% areas in Indonesia have deforestation for the primer forests converted to be palm oil plantations.

Then Greenpeace had recently sent data in its press conference, saying, palm oil plantation is the one factor for deforestation in Indonesia. Referring to the map of Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia lost about 620 thousands hectare of the rainy forests in every single year, or it is as same as Brunai Durrusalam. There were many argumentations then. The environment campaigners showed up their empirical data, based on their point of views.

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