25 December 2016 , 06:06 WIB | Read : 470 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

as one national palm oil producer, Palma serasih group strongly commits to implement the environmental and social cultivation. for example, by anticipating the fire in the areas and save the protected animals.

The fire in 2015 had become the warning for the palm oil plantatio companiees not to neglect in keeping their areas from the fire.

It is admitted, the fire in last year made bad images for the plantation business, and the people got sick because of the dark smoke which triggered breathing infection.

So to prevent the fire, just as same as the government has ordered, Palma Serasih Group has prevent it.

The company focuses to prevent the fire in every estate of the company. The ‘Tim Kesiagaan dan Tanggap Darurat (TKTD)’ has been made. For example, in Tepian Langsat Mill (TLSM) TKTD consists of Evacuation team, 6 men; Transportation and Communication Team, 4 men; Equipment and Logistic Team, 5 men, First Aid Team, 4 men, and Fire Extinguish Team, 5 men.

In Gunung Karunia Alfa Estate  (GKAE), TKTD is made in every division, starting from division 1 to divison 8, which are led by a Unit Manager. The TKTD in every division consists of Fire Extinguisher and Evacuation Team, Transportation and Communication Team, Equipment and Logistic Team, and First Aid Team. Each team consists of 14 men.

TKTD in Tepian Langsat Estate (TLSE), has division 1 to division 9 within 9 members in each division. TKTD in Gunung Karunia Omega Estate (GKOE) has division 1 to division 7. But the members consist of 10 men in each team.

In PT Anugerah Energitama, every TKTD is supported by the fire extingusher, such as, the Fire truck (1 unit) and water tank and the tractors (6 units). In GKAE, GKOE, and TLSE,  there are two units for each.

Besides the fire equipments . . .


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