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60% of the D1 Students Work in the People’s Palm Oil Plantations

10 November 2017 , 06:23 WIB | Read : 36 | By : Administrator

From Left: Manager Training Poltek CWE, Ahdiat Lexi Siregar; Chairman of Yayasan Poltek CWE, Iskandar Kristantoro; Division Head of Program Pelayanan Direktorat Penyaluran Dana, PFMA, Prayuda Muljo; General Secretary of Apkasindo, Asmar Arsjad; Director of Poltek CWE, Nugroho Kristono; and Vice General Secretary of Apkasindo, Rhino Afriano.

InfoSAWIT, BEKASI – After successful running the program of Beasiswa Pendidikan and Pelatihan Kelapa Sawit Setara Diploma 1 (D1) last year, Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit (Apkasindo) andPoliteknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi (PKS-CWE),  run the same program for the second period that is supported by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

Vice General Secretary of Apkasindo, Rhino Afriano, said, 60% of the first period for the scholarship program now work in the people’s palm oil plantation while the rests work in palm oil plantation companies. “60% of the first batch work in ours while 40% work in the companies, such as, GA Group, Astra Agro and First Resources,” he said in Bekasi, Wednesday (8/11).

This is a surprice for Apkasindo for the students (the smallholders’ children) could work in big companies though the program is actually to accelerate the people’s palm oil productivity. “Sometimes, the human resources are put aside. But this is an extraordinary breakthrough from PFMA, that is, to accelerate the peole’s productivity,” he said.

Head of Service Program Division, Directorate of Distribution Fund, PFMA, Prayuda Muljo, said, they are not forbidden to work in palm oil plantation companies. He also said, the alumni of D1 would get more chance and knowledge in the companies that are cultivated in good agricultural practice (GAP) ways. “They would get more experience in palm oil,” he said.

If palm oil replanting program runs well, actually, the alumni of D1 could work in the people’s plantation. “If it could, they should work in the people’s palm oil plantation,” he said.(T2)

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