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In March 2016 the Land Regulation Draft (LRD) has been agreed as the initiative RD of the Legislators. But it is said, the Indonesian Legislators still waits for the government. As what InfoSAWIT got from FraksiPartaiKeadilan Sejahtera, there are four notes to concern in the LRD. The first about the land ownership between the big modal and the people who have no big modal. The big modal has the maximal limits of the areas.  The people who do not have big modal have no decision about how width they could own the areas, including the conditions to Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria (TORA) or Agrarian Reform Areas for the small modal. So the policy should be clarified and regulated. It can be made in the form of President’s Regulation or other operational regulation.

The civil organization proposed, the limit of Business License (BL) should exist in three parts, consisting of, 1. The 20% of BL could be given from the cultivation region; 2. The BL could be maximally given up to 10.000 hectares for the legal institution and/or its affiliation; 3. Erase the BL renew process and the extension of BL could not be reaching 100%.  It is thought, the BL, in the perspective of legality, should become the way to transfer the areas from the company to the people.

The second, about the protection to the indigenous people. PKS concerned, the indigenous rights of the areas might be sold and make the indigenous people will not stay in their original areas. 

The civil organization thought, the indigenous people and their areas should be regulated in one chapter. It is said, the civil organization is mapping the area ownership for the indigenous people to be regulated in the LRD. What the previous regulations have made does not clearly regulate the connection between the indigenous people and their areas. if the formula has been clear, PKS will discuss it.

The third, the area procurement . . .

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