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279,65 Hectares of the Smallholders’ Area Have not been Executed by Court of Sungailiat

13 July 2017 , 06:40 WIB | Read : 68 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA–The execution of palm oil areas, reaching 279,65 hectares in Village of Mabat, Sub district of Bakam Bangka, is not realized yet. The decree of Supreme Court sentenced, the areas where the people had mastered juridically belong to PT Tata Hamparan Eka Persada (THEP), and should be executed by Court of Sungailiat.

Chairman of Court ofSungaliat, Haryadi represented by the PR, Jhon Paul, as quoted from Bangka Pos Group, confessed it. He thought, the bailiff of Court of Sungailiat does not do it yet to coordinate with others.

“The execution is in process. Everything is about to study and in coordination with others. The coordination with the security is really needed in this case. The palm oil areas will be executed but I don’t know when it will be,” he said.

Jhon also said, before it, the Court of Sungailiat had given anmaning to the smallholders who join Koperasi Miranti Plasma.In the anmaning agenda between the ‘koperasi’ and Court of Sungailiat, about two months ago, the smallholders were suggested to go away from the palm oil areas. The reason, the areas where the smallholders cultivate, as the Supreme Court has sentenced, belong to PT THEP.

"Court of Sungailiat has given two warnings to the smallholders (in Koperasi Miranti Plasma). At the time, we said, the execution is part of the sentence to do,” he said.

Jhon also thought, the Court of Sungailiat will be stick to do execution though in the previous, when making anmaning, the smallholders in Koperasi Miranti Plasma, proposed to cancel the execution.(T3)

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