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‘Sekolah Lapangan’or Field School is Introduced to the Smallholders in Bangka

16 July 2017 , 06:52 WIB | Read : 177 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA –The smallholders in Bangka Tengah especially those having palm oil areas and cows were invited to join the class – from the smallholders to the smallholders – or known as field school.

The activity which was held in ‘Kelompok Tani Tunas Baru’, Sub district of Sungai Selan proposed the theme, “Sosialisasi Sekolah Lapangan Integrasi Sawit-Sapi Bangka Tengah” or the Field School Socialization about Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program in Bangka Tengah. The event is hoped to optimize the palm oil areas as the woof for cows and advantage the feces of the cows as the organic fertilize to increase the cow and palm oil productivity in Bangka Tengah.

Regent in duty of Bangka Tengah, Head of Livestock and Vet, Livestock and Agriculture Agency, Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture, representative of Agriculture, Plantation and Livestock Agency of Bangka Belitung, and other guests,

In the chance, Head of Livestock and vet, District of Bangka Tengah, Ramdhoni said, the smallholders having palm oil areas should advantage the areas as the sources of woof so that they do not need to cut off the grass.

“Just like the theme, palm oil – cow integrated program, the smallholders having cows could advantage the technology to process the midrib to be cow woof,” he said, as quoted from bangkapos.com.(T3)

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