27 February 2017 , 06:28 WIB | Read : 394 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

the fire in the forest and areas in 2015 made bad images both for the people and the stakeholders. some active prevention are done together with the people by making ‘DESA siaga api’ or fire care village. the result, there is no fire in the forest and areas. the nightmare is finally vanished.

Based on the inventory done by the Provincial government of West Kalimantan, the province had about 745 thousand hectares of peatland in 2015. 74 thousand of the peat were in flame. If the burning mineral areas were added, it might be about 137,88 hectares.

The total burning areas made dark and thick smoke in the air and influenced the people for it made breathing infection. The stakeholders also had decreasing productivity and raised bad images in palm oil sector.

The stakeholders do not want to be in trouble anymore. They, namely locating in District of Ketapang, in cooperation with Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) proposed to make ‘Desa Siaga Api’, as one effort to prevent the fire by involving the local people. It is hoped, the fire will not happen again.

Finally on March 8th 2016, in the discussion about hotspot in the province, the stakeholders and the provincial government agreed to make ‘Desa Siaga Api’ program.

It is the major goal for the Provincial Government of West Kalimantan to prevent the fire eversince. There are some agreement made, including the inputs through the coordination done by the government, stakeholders and the people.

District of Ketapang becomes th prior in the mission. In addition, there are about 100 palm oil companies which could adopt the program (read Info SAWIT, April 2016, Fire Care Village Urges The People’s Participation, Solution to Prevent The Fire Burning the Areas)

One company . . .

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